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Commissioners College
05/11/13 to 05/11/13

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Bachelor of Commissioner Science
 Sessions 1,2,3,4 Upon completing Commissioner Basic Training, this is the first level of Commissioner College focusing on improving unit service (For Unit Commissioners or others who have not previously attended college).
Commissioner Basic Training
 Sessions 1,2 Every new Unit Commissioner needs to complete this course. Learn how the unit commissioner uses the methods and aims of scouting in supporting and strengthening the local pack, troop, post and crew.
Doctor of Commissioner Science
 Sessions 1,2,3,4 The final step in completing the traditional commissioner coursework. Sessions will assist th ecommissioners in writing their Thesis or Project.
Master of Commissioner Science
 Sessions 1,2,3,4 This course focuses on continuing your education in learning how to better serve units. It will provide tools and techniques necessary to provide "Lifesaving" methods. There are also courses intended for District or Assistant District and Roundtable Commissioners geared toward learning more about th eadministrative methods needed to excel as commissioner.
Post Doctorate
 Sessions 1,2,3,4 This session is for participants who have completed the doctoral course of study. It focuses on honing one's commissioner skills and broadening awareness of current commissioner resources, thus adding value and increased readiness in providing a high-level of support to assigned units/fellow commissioners.
SST 1114 Roundtable Commissioner Training
 Sessions 3,4 No prerequisites. Appropriate for current and future Cub Scout and Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioners